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We are available from Monday to Friday. In case of emergency, please contact us also on the weekend.

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 08 - 12 am and 01:30 - 06.00 pm
Wednesday 08 - 12 am and 01 - 05:30 pm
Friday 08 am  – 02 pm
Phone +39 0474 553 510
Fax +39 0474 537 555 

During the stay with us, our patients can use our parking spaces in the courtyard.

Dental office Dr. Martin Rubner
Dental office Dr. Martin Rubner


In our waiting room you should feel comfortable. We aim to provide a relaxing atmosphere that will give you a pleasant feeling of support and safety.

Treatment room Dr. Martin Rubner
Treatment room
Waiting room Dr. Martin Rubner
Waiting room
Logo Dr. Martin Rubner


A smile never comes singly.
Klaus Klages

Dentist Dr. Martin Rubner

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